Welcome to KLR for Life!

Welcome to my blog devoted to adventures on the KLR650! What’s an adventure if its not shared with others!? Just a little spot for me to post my motovlog videos, tips & tricks, and all around experience with the Kawasaki KLR650.

I’ve been riding around on a 200cc scooter for the last couple of years trying to gain some experience on the road. I finally decided that it was time to upgrade, and after an exhaustive search on the internet, I kept coming back to the KLR650, time & time again!

So after searching far & wide for a relatively new KLR, I actually found one that was a couple years old model still @ the dealership, so I snagged it up! 2015 model, white with the black & green graphics, looks sharp!


My first initial operating impression with this bike was that it was going to need some improvements in order to make for a more comfortable ride, so let the farkles begin! So far, I’ve upgraded the bike w/ the KLRDash risers & windshield plus their lower dash unit. I’ve also installed a Thermo-Bob 2. First thing I noticed about the bike was the temperature fluctuations on the temp gauge, so I followed suit  & installed this nifty little device. I also installed the SW Motech crash bars & skid plate. I’ve already dropped the bike once on a soft shoulder I pulled onto, so these were the first to go on! Installation was a breeze, all the holes lined up properly once you got all the bolts in with some locktite. The bike vibrates a little more than I’m used to, so i’ll also want to upgrade the handlebar grips, maybe even some different foot pegs for some additional comfort.


I am in this for the adventure, and also a learning opportunity on how to fix my bike! The KLR650 seems simple enough that I’d be able to work on it if needed. I was an automotive mechanic for  several years in the Army, hoping that some of that knowledge will help me with the KLR!


What a great bike! Loads of fun… Still haven’t taken it offroad yet, but eventually I will! Once I get a bit more experience under my belt! I am always welcome to comments/suggestions/critiquing or even if you want to link up and go for a ride! Please feel free to contact me: klrforlife@gmail.com.


KLR for Life!